About Ryan Bennion | Marketing Consultant for Facebook, TikTok Ads

Ryan Bennion started GOAT Marketing in 2014 with a desire to help small businesses grow and escape the mundane 9-5. Starting as a freelance consultant, he has helped many brands accomplish their freedom by helping them start and achieve their versions of the American dream.

Since 2014, brands in the events, fashion, beauty, electronics, apparel, subscriptions, food and beverage, crafts and many others have gone from hobby to $1 Million in less than 365 days using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and many other ad platforms. We are a great fit for you if you truly want a business partner that gets you results on paid advertising.  

GOAT Marketing HQ is in Bluffdale, Utah with offices in both Bluffdale and Lehi, Utah areas. Learn more about my journey here